Description: Humans make RoboSoldiers to make world better and safe but they say Humans are the source of Evil and Must Be Destroyed! ، They Made AI Helicopters To Track and Attack any One try stop them! , Try Survive and Stop AI Helicopters Much you can and Get More Weapons and Cards and Upgrade Your Skills to Destroy more Artificial Intelligence Heilcopters ، Get Ready For The War !Endless Mode :- 30+ mission- 15 Level / From Easy to Hardcore- Can Backup 3 Weapons and Change to Default- Can set 4 cards to use- Get New Reward every time Finish 3 mission- Multiplayer Support play and make HighscoreStory Level's+ 3 Levels+ Meet New EnemysHow to Unlock Some Weapons & Cards ?- Can Unlock by Coins or Upgrade Solider To Requimented Level or HigherHow Can Preview Weapons ?- You Can Choose any Weapon to Preview from Weapons ShopHow use Cards ?- Every Card Has info to know Use for in Cards ShopYou Get EXP & Coins Every Time Destroy your Enemy , you can use EXP to Upgrade your Profile Level or Soldier you chooseAlso Coins Can unlock some weapons and Upgrade It or Upgrade Your SoldierGet Your Weapon and Be Ready!
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