Description: In the age of cool cars, illegal deals, permanent police fights, evolving the story of a man, that going to the up of the criminal city.You see the clean city, with big business blocks, big harbor, nice seafront and bright sun. And of course you can get to the poverty-stricken neighborhoods, empty houses, junkyard and wasteland, but this makes you feel closer to the real life.In game you’ll often take part in shootings, pursuits, car thefts, police war and buying guns in ammunitions.Beat all jobs, get in trouble spots, get rewards and don’t forget to make a sea cruise in the boat.Game featuresSmooth graphics (you can choose graphics level) and nice characters’ modelsImproved optimizationInteresting storylineHuge choice of cars, guns, boats and motorbikes Police always controls city streetsYou’re always see some action: pursuit, shootings, thefts, explosionsOpen worldWe even have an island
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