MegaCraft – Build your perfect world

Description: Control.Movement - WASDJump - SpaceOpen Inventory - EExit to the menu - ESCDig up a block - Left mouse buttonPlace Block - Right Mouse ButtonChoosing a block to build - mouse wheelTo replace blocks in quick access, select the block to replace with the mouse wheel, go to the inventory and click on the desired block.MegaCraft - Build your perfect worldMegaCraft is a cube-style construction simulator with the same system as Minecraft. You can dig cubic blocks and put them in your inventory, after which you can select this block in your inventory and put it in another place, so you can build houses and various structures.Do you like crafting games? MegaCraft is a brand new 2021 construction game. In MegaCraft, you can do whatever you want! The game can give you complete freedom to build and craft. Suitable for girls and boys. Craft and build, build a house or even a dream city, without limits.
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